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Red Power Twist Plus Link Belt Z A B C

2017-05-10       view: 497

Red Power Twist Plus Link Belt Z A B C

The Power Twist Plus Link Belt is a high-performance V-belt that reduces vibration on table saws, drill presses, and other power tools by as much as 35%. It replaces the standard 1/2″ V-belt on most machines, and the length can be adjusted by removing links. Whereas traditional drive belts can stretch and become misshapen (creating vibration as they rotate), the Power Twist belt is made up of interlocking segments of polyurethane elastomer and multiple plies of polyester fabric that retain their original shape, thereby reducing vibration. What’s more, you can easily add or subtract links to get optimal tension on almost any machine!


  • Replaces the standard 1/2″ V-belt on most machines
  • Can be adjusted by removing links
  • High-performance V-belt reduces vibration
  • Sold by the foot

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